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About The Lockdown Hero

The Lockdown Hero is a comic-style children's story about the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. It is written as an interactive make-along book, and on each page you will find a fun making activity which is ideal for children to follow along with plasticine or playdough (or other crafty bits!). The story is written in an open and relatable way, and as well as providing hours of fun, will show children how they can help and make a difference.

From the back cover:

In years to come, after the global pandemic of COVID-19, it will be in the history books but so many have lived through it and their lives have been impacted and changed. This book was written as a tribute but also to engage our children with the great challenge we have all faced. This allows our children to explore this story from a positive angle and allows them to explore their creativity along the way with this make-along book.

From the Author:

At the beginning of lockdown it was close to Easter, and I was challenged to retell the Easter story day by day from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday. I uploaded a video each day telling the story and this reengaged my passion for story telling, and allowing a younger generation to experience stories in way I did as a child. In the proces I had this idea to write a book about the current situation we are facing and at the same time engage the children with their creativity with a make-along book. So here is my effort, a dyslexic lad writing a kids book. I hope you and your children enjoy.

Author: Ben Sellick
Illustrated By: Lotus Pond Creations
Published: 2020

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